CPR Volume 10

Table of Contents

Matthew J Spireng, Hoop Snake          

Doug Ramspeck, Foursquare     

Paula Friedman, Captured Mole            

Joddy Murray, Beluga Whales, Atlanta 

Brenda Yates, An Invitation to the Idea of Wallace         

Paul Willis, After the Lesson, Mary Jane Looks    

Elizabeth Barbato, Mary Shelly    

Robert Arroyo, Jr., Lucifer Speaks of Man Made Things 

Irene McKinney, Offerings        

Jill Kupchik, Penelope at Home  

Toni Thomas, My Mother Wishes for Happiness, Settles for the World’s
          Tutelage of Rapt Machinery     

          My Mother Wears Her Sage Mask and Rethinks Heaven       

Donna Vorreyer, Housekeeping          

Michelle Moore, After the Fall                                             

Philip Memmer, Lucifer in The Orphanage          

Michelle Moore, Hrastovlje                                                    

Sally Zaino, Why We Band Hummingbirds          

Rebecca Foust, Herzog Out-Takes           

Laura Donnelly, Notes on the Appositive             

Laura Bontrager, sailing in Belize           

Geri Rosenzweig, Detours of Hunger    

Matthew Zingg, The oldest city, the sea and you / a semi-historical account of love

Kelly Terwilliger, Bonfire              

            About Ten            

Federico Garcia Lorca, translated by Thomas P. Feeny,
          Night  Scenes from My Window              

Todd Possehl, Ship in a Bottle    

Marjorie Maddox, Articulate     

Lynn Pederson, Correction         

Maggie Schwed, Between a Subject and Its Rendering   

Dennis Saleh, Detail, Dali               

Meghan Brinson, Museum           

          Love Poem                  

Jeffrey Bean, Letters     

Berthold Brêcht, translated by Jenne Fortune Knight, The Book Burning          

Edward Beatty, Colorful Language            

David Bart, Good Year     

Chris Crittenden, Ode To the Pumpkin   

Alex M. Frankel, Ode to 7-Eleven                 

Suzanne Allen, Free Refills              

Stan Sanvel Rubin, Against the Birds      

Julie L. Moore, Dark Birds            

Jill Kupchik, Ellipsis          

Bethany Reid, If Plot is What Happens  

John Krumberger, Advent, Wisconsin    

Dwayne Thorpe, Opening the Tent         

Kevin Burris, Winter Storm            

Mercedes Lawry, Something Useful       

Grace Mattern, Anniversary II     

Sarah Luczaj, Missing the dead 

          thin yellow woman jumping      

Tim Suermondt, Einstein Looks in the Window   

Mordechai Geldman, translated by Tsipi Keller, I Dreamt You     

Joseph Kerschbaum, The Leaplings         

Arlene Naganawa, Diane Mae   

Kristina Van Sant, Bees 

          Blackout, Night Before My Appointment              

Keetje Kuipers, What We Call Indian Summer   

          Theory of Lost Things    

David Shumate, A Hundred Shamans    

Natalie Diaz, Lorca’s Red Dresses              

Dane Cervine, Adam Naming the Spring in Central Park               

Kathryn Nuernberger, To the Tulips, to the Particles       

Michael Phillips, Godpowers & Choice   

Kevin Miller, Non-League Play  

Kenneth Pobo, Marigolds           

Eric Paul Shaffer, The Inmate Speaks of Poets and Psychopaths            

Jeffrey Little, A Chorus of Romany Ball-Point Pens          

          Because In Mapping Becomes Them        

Karina Borowicz, Maps  

          All Hallows’ Eve

Mary Christine Delea, The Middle of the Night is Not the
Best Place to Find Love

Seth Michelson, The Shower      

          Waking Up to a Broken-down Villanelle

Donna J. Gelagotis Lee, Is Time Immortal?           

GinnaKarla Nicolas, honza           

          somehow you know      

P. Ivan Young, The Roofer’s Song             

Paul Willis, Preparedness             

David Meischen, Amber               

Chris Crittenden, Nest  

Joan White, Northern Lights      

Mary Wallach, Japanese Tourists Wait for Aurora Borealis           

Nina Corwin, Abe Lincoln in the Landscape of Chance     

Michael Simon, Mice Playing Hamlet      

          The Wall              

Ludwig Steinherr, translated by Ken Fontenot, Gifts       


Andres Avelino, translated by Hedy Habra, From “The Infinite, an Anise Seed and I”          

Tanya Rucosky, In Times of High Water 

Ed Madden, Solace         124

Marc Harshman, Why No Dogs Were Found at the Tower of Babel …     

Charles Wyatt, Washing the Dog’s Feet



The Question of Rapture, by Claire Keyes, reviewed by Penelope Scambly Schott

Loveliest Grotesque by Sandra Lim, reviewed by Kristina Marie Darling

Threat of Pleasure by Philip Memmer, reviewed by Julie Funderburk

This Big Fake World: A Story in Verse by Ada Limon, reviewed by Kristina Marie Darling

Signals by Ed Madden, reviewed by Robert Wynne

Line Dance by Barbara Crooker, Reviewed by Phebe Davidson