CPR Volume 16, Issue 3

CPR Volume 16-3

July, 2014

T A B L E  of  C O N T E N T S


Nancy Carol Moody, Brief History of Mine

Maggie Blake, When I Left for You

Gemma Cooper-Novack, Tulsa

Jose Araguz, Instead of a Postcard

Carol V. Davis, Sentries

Colleen Michaels, In Praise of Swimming at Night

Mary Moore, Venice Beach, 1950

Kevin Phan, Concessions

Diane Lockward, The Morphology of Mushrooms

Gary Hawkins, Boredom

Sandra Marchetti, Storefront

Carol Berg, Love Poem to an Oscillating Fan

Andrea Potos, When the Doctor Looked at the Ultrasound of My Shoulder and Said:  “Well You Have a 52-Year-Old Rotator Cuff After All. . .”

Jennifer Jackson Berry, Girl I Want to Be at the Fair

Lisa Cihlar, The Showgirl Reads Books on Hypnotism

S. Jordan, Pies & Thighs

Marq Wilson, Shades

Jimmie Cumbie, Heavy Metal

Louisa Howerow, Early Sunday Morning

Mark Wagenaar, 400 Grams

Susannah Nevison, Lore

Sarah Henning, Concordance for My Grandfather’s Dementia

Rebecca Baggett, Van Gogh, in a Sunflower Field Near Arles, Perhaps Praying

Evelyn Farbman, Crickets, 3:30 AM

Sharon Chmielarz, All Lies in Waiting


Susana H. Case, Review: Beautiful Problems: Poems, by Anthony DiMatteo

Anne Babson, Adam After the Hurricanes: Foraging for Hope in the Aftermath of Storms in Peter Cooley’s Night Bus to the Afterlife

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