CPR Volume 21-2

CPR Volume 21-2

July, 2019

T A B L E of C O N T E N T S


Marjorie Saiser,
So the Road Was Cut by Women

Anna GirgentiAnna Girgenti,
Memory of Highway 20 West

devon-miller-duggan_sqDevon Miller-Duggan,
My Mother Grasped My Hands in Hers

Michael HardinN Michael Hardin,
Spiral Journey

Jessica RigneyJessica Rigney,
An Aside

Evalyn LeeEvalyn Lee,
In Life

caroline-goodwinCaroline Goodwin,
Common Plants of Nunavut (II): Mountain Sorrel

Mary Moore 2019Mary B. Moore,
To the Ghost Of Humid Nights

Richard TerrillRichard Terrill,
The Lake

Jennifer BullisJennifer Bullis,
How to Walk Like a Quadruped

Jeff McRae,

Daniel BourneDaniel Bourne,
Achilles in the Fence Row

Trent BuschTrent Busch,
Soft Rain through an Open Window

Autumn McClintockAutumn McClintock,
Hurricane Autumn



Sharon Tracey,
The Bones of Winter Birds by Ann Fisher-Wirth

Amy MillerAmy Miller,
Review of Judith H. Montgomery’s Litany for Wound and Bloom