CPR Volume 15-2

April, 2013

Table of Contents

Sandra Kohler, Rehearsal

Lois Marie Harrod, April Canto

Jeanpaul Ferro, Impression, Nightfall

David Filer, Tuesday, September 5, 1995

Lorraine Doran, Nocturne: Shelter Island

Rebecca Aronson, Aubade

Doris Matthews, Farm Girls

Brenda Yates, Transpiration

Diane Scholl, Lilacs

Sharon Chmielarz, Lilies of the Valley

Joseph Dorazio, Beet

Rachel Rostad, Jung’s Angels

Christine Butterworth McDermott, Dead Girls, Not Ours

Barbara Mossberg, You Wave That Flag, Honey, A Prayer for Your First Dish Rag

Shawn Fawson, Bye, for Now

Susana Lang, Yes, Everything

John Davis, The Dead Are Still Shaving

Susan Grimm, Drowned Girl

Grant Clauser, Finding a Turtle Nest at Sullivan Island

Kathleen Hellen, Furin (Wind Chimes)

John Sibley Williams, Anonymity

Jane Rosenberg LaForge, Smog and Slang Words

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