CPR Volume 19-1

April, 2017

T A B L E of C O N T E N T S


John A. NievesJohn A. Nieves,

Chera HammonsChera Hammons,

Sandra Kohler,
Spring Comes to Tonawanda Street

Catherine Moore Catherine Moore,
Mirthful Elm on the Edge of the Lawn, Perhaps Beside an Elated Basket of Laundry (Bob Ross)
by Catherine Moore

Mary MooreMary Moore,
In the Dress Of Mirrors

Simon PerchikSimon Perchik,

placesaver2Carmen Germain,
What he claims is

Daryl JonesDaryl Jones,
Feeding the “Doctor Fish”

Eric Paul Shaffer,
My Feet Over My Head

Charles Harper Webb,
Dad, My Nipples Hurt

Samantha Ten EyckSamantha Ten Eyck,
Quiet sex in paper rooms

Dustin Hellberg,
The Year That I Wasn’t Married

Maggie Rosen
Maggie Rosen,
The Crash of the Shuttle Columbia* as Recorded by a Thermal Tile

Michael MarkMichael Mark,
Irwin Conducts The Birds

Wendy Drexler,


Diana WoodcockDiana Woodcock,
Into a New Country by Deborah Fleming

The Catalog of Broken ThingsJeff Whitney,
The Catalog of Broken Things by A. Molotkov

Terry Lucas
Terry Lucas,
Five Sextillion Atoms by Jayne Benjulian