CPR Volume 20, Issue 2

CPR Volume 20-2

July, 2018

T A B L E of C O N T E N T S


Athena Kildegaard,
I Have Never

Sandra KohlerSandra Kohler,
Independence Day

elizabeth knapp Elizabeth Knapp,
My Past Life as a Puritan

Joannie StangelandJoannie Stangeland,
Out of Season

Lauren HenleyLauren Henley,
The Orchard Spider & The Grub

Susanna LangSusanna Lang,
A Small Death

Judy KaberJudy Kaber,
Walking Through Witchgrass

Phillip SterlingPhillip Sterling
Summer School

Carol Lischau,
Of Secrets

Erin SlaughterErin Slaughter,
In Which She Thinks Bodiless & He is Deeply Human

Sarah ShirleySarah Shirley,

elizabeth knapp Elizabeth Knapp,
My Past Life as the Wife of Herman Melville

SCWinwardShannon Connor Winward,
White, Discussion (’96)

Ace BoggessAce Boggess,
Does That Mean You Really Want Me to Have a Terrible Day?

Anatoly Malotkov A. Molotkov,

Derek MongDerek Mong,
Lightning 2

James K. ZimmermanJames K. Zimmerman,
Ode to an Ex

Susan OkieSusan Okie,