CPR Volume 15-4

October, 2013

Table of Contents

Katherine Durham Oldmixon, How to Make a Palimpsest

Lynn Pedersen, Eve Paints the Apple Tree

Devon J. Moore, For Knives, Bridges, and Balconies

Sarah Estes, Flood

Diana Cole, Apples

Doug Ramspeck, Old Men and Their Sorrows

Christine Butterworth-McDermott, If This University Were the Galapagos Islands

John McKernan, People Who Have Sex in Graveyards

Renee Emerson, Ascension

Jen Town, Modes of Travel

Winnona Elson Pasquini, The Four Last Things

Katie Darby Mullins, The King of Rust

Margaret Young, Merced, Autumn / Merced, Winter

Lawrence Wray, Being Found

Jackie Bartley, Countless Little Thresholds of Desire

Shawn Fawson, Whatever Light Happens to Fall

Becky Kennedy, Maple

John Morrison, Our Plan for the Leaves

Katherine Rauk, In the Dunes

Sharon Chmielarz, Living on a Planet with Four or Six or Twelve Moons

Christine Stewart-Nuñez, We Pour So Much into the Making

Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Cento Pantoum


Megan Mericle, Review: Stag’s Leap by Sharon Olds


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