CPR Volume 15-1

January, 2013

Table of Contents

Adrienne Drobnies, Ring Dance

Brian Simoneau, Tending the Fire

Adela Najarro, Gauguin’s Tahitians at the Impressionist Exhibit

Susan Laughter Meyers, Dear Morning after the Moon Kept Me Awake

Lauren Shimulunas, Valentine’s Day

Terry Savoie, Concerning Matters Angelic

Linda Pennisi, In the Stars

Ann Pelletier, Leap

Jessica Jewell, How the Balaton Wine Survived

Suzanne Allen, Postcard to Rapunzel, in Hindsight, from My Kitchen at Rue de Lappe

Una Nichols Hynum, At the Foot of the Staircase

Charles Wyatt, Variation 5 (with Repeats)

Carole A. Stasiowski, Where the Moon Stands in for Love and Its Other


L. S. Bassen, Joy Is More Horses Than We Need. Review of Midnight Lantern: New and Selected Poems, by Tess Gallagher

Anne Babson, Yoknapatawpha Mud: The Fecund Verses of Tim Earley’s The Spooking Of Mavens