CPR Volume 16-2

April, 2014

Table of Contents

Ann Hudson, Fetch

Joannie Stangeland, Light Will Come

Michael G. Smith, Ancient Fir, Climbing

Carol Ellis, Garden Snails and Bird

Melanie Tague, Khasmas

Libby Bernardin, Crows clustered in the bruised light of dream

Shawn Fawson, Shaving Bowl with Plovers, Reeds, and Waves

Mercedes Lawry, Fog Girl

Mary Elizabeth Parker, Back Yard Dirty at Midnight

Simon Perchik, *

Jeremy Windham, Adagio di molto

Ace Boggess, Ask Away

Jennifer Jackson Berry, Girl I Want to Be at the Bank

Paul Dickey, Bankruptcy in Ellettsville, Indiana

Matthew Zingg, Ars Poetica in Marfa, Texas

Gregory Crosby, And the Lamb, But Only Much Later

Karen Locascio, A love triangle’s just a fucked-up threesome

Amie Keddy, Box Poem: Six Sides of Joseph Cornell

Heather Lang, What She Cannot Remember

Deborah Bacharach, For my Friend, Grieving

Anne Harding Woodworth, Accident on the Red Line, Remembered

John Bradley, All the Hurt World

Christine Butterworth-McDermott, Punctuation

Joan Colby, Derivation of the Word

Megan Mericle, Review of Flourish by Jeanette Clough

Ruth Foley, Review of Headwaters by Ellen Bryant Voigt

Caron Andregg, Review of My Favorite Tyrants by Joanne Diaz


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