CPR Volume 17, Issue 3

CPR Volume 17-3

July, 2015

T A B L E of C O N T E N T S


placesaver2M Ross Henry,

placesaver2Carmen Germain,
Color Is To Do Everything

Catherine MooreCatherine Moore,
How to Summons the Blues

Erin RodoniErin Rodoni,
Of the Tribe of Summer

Sarina BoscoSarina Bosco,

Diana Smith BoltonDiana Smith Bolton,
The Men in the Bar Asked for a Poem

Hiroshige_A_Shoal_of_Fishes_Fugu_YellowtailSarahJordan Stout,
In Redhook

Christina SeymourChristina Seymour,
Lack of Grace

Jan BottiglieriJan Bottiglieri,

Sara HenningSara Henning,
The Body Worn Open, Whorling in Ceremony

Allison JosephAllison Joseph,
Letter to a Funeral

placesaver2Corrie Williams Kentner,
Somewhere Outside of Harpswell, Maine

Blue-Hour-BirchesAnthony Botti,
The Blue Hour

Kathleen Brewin LewisKathleen Brewin Lewis,
Downing the Sun

Doug RamspeckDoug Ramspeck,
He Said / She Said

placesaver2Elise Gregory,
Sleepy Hollows

placesaver2Julia Bouwsma,
Foxes and Hens

Knud SorensenKnud Sørensen,

Jess WilliardJess Williard,

Adam Penna,
That’s What You Call a Baby Whale?

Jennifer Stewart MillerJennifer Stewart Miller,
On Seeing

Eloise AmezcuaEloisa Amezcua,
Waiting with My Mother in the Calimax Parking Lot

Jennifer GivhanJennifer Givhan,

Ann E. MichaelAnn E. Michael,
St. Agnes Braids Her Mother’s Hair

Simon PerchikSimon Perchik,

placesaverSara Biggs Chaney,
The Problem With Daisy Buchanan, Part II

Jacqueline BalderramaJacqueline Balderrama,
Melanie Griffith and the Lion

Alessandra BavaAlessandra Bava,
From Jackson, With Love

Tina RichardsonTina Richardson,

Alina StefanescuAlina Stefanescu,
Listen to Me, Maria Calciu!



Cindy SnowCindy Snow,
Red Deer by Anne Marie Macari

Corinne AdamsCorinne Elysse Adams,
Review of Wake, by Laura Madeline Wiseman

David SeterDavid Seter,
The Road to Emmaus, by Spencer Reese

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