Timely Ghazal
by Alison Stone

Things you can’t control—love, weather, grace, time. My favorite cliché is race against time. Like an undertow, her phone sucks my teen daughter into YouTube, Snapchat, FaceTime. Our elm’s branches brought the power lines down. In darkness, distortion of sound, space, time. Time may change me—Bowie’s cranked-up voice drifts from a passing car—but you can’t trace time. She let her hair go silver, … Continue Reading ››

Mr. Mayor Offers to Splurge on Whatever You Desire: Sale Items Only
by Andrew Wittstadt

Two heartbreaks ago you said, “no trash heaps, no more” but the shopping mall’s much better in the afternoons when everyone else is working, shoveling organs from the left pile to the right. “All’s fair sale,” said Mr. Mayor. The dogs followed behind close enough to trip on his trousers. “Sale today,” he said. “Buying today,” said the dogs. “I’m here to buy a new … Continue Reading ››