CPR Volume 18-5

January, 2017

T A B L E of C O N T E N T S


Hayden SaunierHayden Saunier,
How to Move In

Christopher Citro,
But I Live Here (Empty Place)

alina_borger_sqAlina Borger,
The Plural of Grief

Sara HenningSara Henning,
Camera Lucida

Alyssa JewellAlyssa Jewell,
After Marina Abramovic’s The Kitchen V: Carrying the Milk

John A. NievesJohn A. Nieves,
Recessional (Albus)

Charlotte CoveyCharlotte Covey,
anti-love spell

Wendy Drexler,
Light R48 on the Storrow Drive Underpass

Wendy Taylor Carlisle,

placesaver2Carmen Germain,
Suit of Happiness

Judith Montgomery,
The Ferry Keeper

allyson-jeffredo_sqAllyson Jeffredo,
Only We Can Pull

laura-falsettiLaura Falsetti,
Bone Garden

wendy-degroat-sqWendy DeGroat,
An Old Richmond Cemetery

sarah-carletonSarah Carleton,

elizabeth-onusko-2016Elizabeth Onusko,
We Uncertain Animals