CPR, Volume 11

Table of Contents

W. E. Butts, Everywhere is Everywhere  

Colleen McKee, Blue Like an Orange      

Marc Harshman, Whitman and Wright Visit the Wheeling Middle School         

David Waite, Schoolground        

Brandon Bourgeois, a girl            

Sean Prentiss, No (or Careful or Slow)   

John Meyer, Under the Open Sky           

JC Reilly, Ex Somnium    

Oceana Callum, Poison Oak        

Rachael Z. Ikins, Autumn Evening With Cool Drizzle          

Carol Willette Bachofner, Evolution 3     

Katerina Stoykova-Klemer, The Rope     

Geri Rosenzweig, My Life Shook Its Mane           

Susana H. Case, Incantation       

Leonore Hildebrandt, In the Book of Apparitions              

Aden Ross, Leda: Swan’s View  

Donna Prinzmetal, The Three Temptations of Snow White            

Susan Grimm, You’ve Got to Excuse the April in Me         

Changming Yuan, S. E. W. N.      

Mark McKain, A Houston Toad Vocabulary         

Naoko Fujimoto, June Ink           

Kelly Terwilliger, The Garden Rake          

Kristina Van Sant, Force

Katie Tunning, The Party              

Sarah Luczaj, The Grief Question              

Kathleen Clancy, Vehicle              

Robert Parham, Freedom            

W. Vandoren Wheeler, The Accidentalist             

Paul Nelson, Andre the Giant    

Iris Moulton, Endorheic

Carla Panciera, How We Know These Are the Last Days, Half Moon Pond              

Pamela Hart, Sky Burial

          Flynn’s Pond     

Brian D. Morrison, Some Assembly Required       

Amy Miller, For Blossom, a $10 Hamster               

Joseph A. Chelius, Boy with Vegetables

Christine Hope Starr, Regarding the Chocolate Beet Cake             

James B. Nicola, Pastry Shop     

Caitlin Dwyer, On the Nose         

Kristina Marie Darling, [In which the Song is a Field, White  with Snow]        

          [In which the Composition Remains Unfinished]               

Peter Ludwin, The Music Student            

Wendy Vardaman, Sesto: Art History Lecture     

Jill M. Kupchik, L’Hymne de la Coupable

Laura Bontrager, Bilge Koyu, Turkey, May 2009 

Catherine Wiley, Why Jane Eyre Quit Painting   

Marie C. Jones, Per una selva oscura     

James Valvis, Reno Wedding      

John Surowiecki, The Vomiting Bride      

          Lunch with My Cat         

J. P. Dancing Bear, Moth and Mouth      

Adam Penna, The Lessons Trees Can Teach         

K. E. Duffin, What a Palm Tree Says        

Gary L. McDowell, What Else are Trees For          

Gabriela Melinescu, translated by Adam J. Sorkin and Inger Johansson

          The Rabbi’s Song            

Alberto Blanco, translated by John Oliver Simon

           Dame Does Herself In    

           New Moon        

Carol V. Davis, Plumeria               

Simon Perchik, * [This rotted log yes and no…] 

Edward Byrne, Kindling

Suzanne Roberts, The Rising Sun             

Gustavo Bécquer, translated by Thomas Feeny, When They Told Me       

           A Tear Appeared in Her Eye        

Irena Praitis, Running    


Catherine Harnett, She Forgets

Munir Niazi, translated by Alamgir Hashmi, Talk of the Late Years    

          Adam’s Thoughts           

Lindsay Bland, Sea But Bare Yellow Sand              

Ida Gerhardt, Thracian I               

Kenneth Markee, Set-Over        

Marc Malandra, The Retired Miner          

Karen McPherson, Joinery          

Amy Meckler, Aere Perennius   

           The Rejection    

Robert Wynne, Rejection Letter with Full Moon


Hilda Raz, All Odd and Splendid, reviewed by Katherine D. Stutzman        

Jamey Hecht, Limousine Midnight Blue: Fifty Frames from the Zapruder Film, reviewed by Rebecca Foust               

Elizabeth Oakes, The Luminescence of All Things Emily, reviewed by Jane Olmsted           

Penelope Scambly Schott, Six Lips, reviewed by Barbara Crooker               

Jim Burns, Laying Something Down: Poems 1962-2007, reviewed by Marc Harshman