CPR Volume 13

Table of Contents

Renée Emerson, Witness

Katie Kingston, My Hand through the Keyhole

Cory McClellan, Natural Selection

Alan Gann, Four Pages Mother Saved From My Jesus Loves Me Coloring Book

Danielle Jones-Pruett, I daydream about leaving you

Juditha Dowd, Bureau Life

Alison Stone, Ex-boyfriend in Dresser

Anne Babson, Euridice Writes a Postcard from the Underworld

Mark Wagenaar, A Blessing

Donna Hunt, If I Had Tired of You First

Nylah Lyman, Threshold

John Hart, Eight Year-Old Boy Dies in Farming Accident

Karen Skolfield, Scattering

Katharine Rauk, Ransacking Psalm 23 

Michael G. Smith, No Small Things

Claudia Serea, Still life with planks

Catherine Strisik, It Is the Fisher Cats I Fear

Chris Haven, I Go Looking for Reverence

Tasha Pippin, Mon Ami

Luke Whisnant, Ars Poetica: Oilcan on the Road

Joan Mazza, Glose: Downpour

Peter Weltner, Late December

Niamh Corcoran, Plein Air: What the Scarecrow Thought (Pushcart Prize Nominee)

Kathleen Weaver, Spring Rain with Blackbirds

David Filer, Full Moon, July 14-15, 2011

Alyse Bensel, Time in the Breaking House

Jonathan Jay Taylor, Our Sleeping Cerberus

Ryan Vine, The Dogs of Duluth Bark Sometimes Until the Sun Lifts the Dark Sky’s Skirt (Pushcart Prize Nominee)

Kelly Terwilliger, Architecture after a night of rain

Aran Donovan, Ostia Antica

Peycho Kanev, Nocturne

James Siegel, How Much For Dawn?

Derek Furr, Aubade

Ellen Kombiyil, Aubade of the Artificial Dawn

Donna Vorreyer, Morning after Mardi Gras

Eric Paul Shaffer, Matching Coffee Mugs

Christine Tierney, Chill

Myra Shapiro, Children, When Autumn Comes

Taylor Graham, No Man’s Land

Elizabeth Chapman, House on Yellowstone Trail

Cindy W. Gutierrez, Meditations on Winter

Dwayne Thorpe, Resartus

David Petruzelli, Lifeguard

Susanna Lang, Glosa: Orchard

J. P. Dancing Bear, Still Life with Suicide Bomber #3

Thomas A. Pepperz, kim jong il with his head stuck in the sand

Kate Bernadette Benedict, The Polis of Sorrow

Lynne Potts, Gertrude Bell a Hundred Years Later

Ray Keifetz, In Gubio

Vicki Bee, Song of the Siren

Heather Sommer, Perfectly Fine Concrete

René Char, translated by Nancy Naomi Carlson, Society

Gerardo Mena, Posthumous

Marilyn Cavicchia, Why I Don’t Grow Tomatoes

Kelley Jean White, The Buzz of the Meadow, the Bees

Bernadette McBride, A Blight in the Growing Season

Laura Bontrager, Pryce Lewis, Civil War Spy

Louisa Howerow, Lately, I’ve Been Leaning Over Balconies

Robert Spiegel, The Song of the Air Falling

Gail Thomas, Midway

Sharon Chmielarz, The Boatman’s Wife

Christina Cook, And So This

Brittney Corrigan, Fox Pieces, Orcas Island

Jennifer Habel, Faults and Strengths

Lauren Hilger, FIRE, behavior of: burns badly

Carol Hobbs, Traveling Circus

Mary Elizabeth Parker, Bear, Romany Street Fair

Sandy McCord, Mercy / Mercy II


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