CPR Volume 17-1

January, 2015

T A B L E of C O N T E N T S


Eric Paul Shaffer,
Midnight Snow and Stars

Michael BrosnanMichael Brosnan,
The Year to Come

Candace PearsonCandace Pearson,

Carol EllisCarol Ellis,
First Line

E. H. BroganE. H. Brogan,
Birds Vol. 2

Vladislav HristovVladislav Hristov,
Two Poems from the Bulgarian
Translated from Bulgarian by Katerina Stoykova-Klemer

Diane Scholl,
Watch Night, 1862

placesaverBill Freedman,
The Unnamed

Doug RamspeckDoug Ramspeck,
Sacred Ruins

Anthony SuttonAnthony Sutton,
Prayer from a 15-Year-Old Boy Who Just Wanted to Be Straight

placesaver2Marq Wilson,
But you mean all these things

Laura Madeline WisemanLaura Madeline Wiseman,
Signing Away the Soul

Matthew StarkMatthew Stark,
Like a Little Bell, He Trembles

Roger DesyRoger Desy,

Ruth WilliamsRuth Williams,
Surviving on Equations

Emmanuel FloresEmmanuel Flores,
I Asked You to Paint a Portrait of Me, So You Asked Me
to Write a Portrait of You

David SeterDavid Seter,

Juleigh Howard HobsonJuleigh Howard-Hobson,
The White Rabbit Glossa

Florence WeinbergerFlorence Weinberger,
Cautious Light

Ariana NashAriana Nash,
In the Bone House

Geri Rosenzweig,
For God’s Amusement

Joan ColbyJoan Colby,
The Japanese Culture of Suicide

George MooreGeorge Moore,
A Note on the Troubling Popularity of Suicide

placesaverJohn Bradley,
The Zen of Translation

Ross Losapio Ross Losapio,

Sarah CarletonSarah Carleton,
Falling Hard

Joannie StangelandJoannie Stangeland,
Having Made My Beds


David SeterDavid Seter,
Nighthawks by Katherine Hastings

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