CPR Volume 9

Table of Contents

Marilyn McCabe,  About the Type

Lynn PedersenHow to Move Away

Sarah SloatApril 4

Sarah Luczajwhat more can i ask for

Erin Elizabeth SmithFebruary

Michelle BittingSweet Pea: Knee-Hi Mix

Penelope Scambly SchottLandscape with Grandson

Wendy Taylor CarlisleSaints

Dianne SteppMental Status Exam

Judith PachtBird   

Lyn Lifshin,  For Months She Came At Night,  A Strange Presence

Dennis SalehDie Frau Im Mond

Barry BallardOutside the Herd

Brian LutzNight of Broken Stars

Joan E. BauerDream of Wholeness

Doug BollingIce Breaking Up on Pond

Carla PancieraA Bird in Period Three British Literature

M. B. McLatcheySnow Globe


Holaday MasonThe Man She Found on the Beach

James ProffittNotes on the Notes & Letters You Send Me

Robert AveryWhy There Were Flowers When You Came Home

Sarah MaclayThe Moment of Anything

Ann WaltersDr. Zhoudou’s Cabinet of Hypnosis and Broken Hearts

Abby E. MurrayThe Hussy

Sandra KohlerGraffiti

Frank MatagranoNothing Was Out of Reach

Raquel BaileyHaiku

Janet BakerAriadne on Naxos

Jeffrey FranklinApple Pie for Breakfast

Margaret A. RobinsonNietzche Nugget

          Levertov’s Types

Jody A. ZorgdragerIf Not

          Small Visitation

O. AyesOn the 3rd Night of Feeding

Judith H. MontgomeryCaul

Ivy WarwickWheat

Christine HammIn the Airplane

Jesse MillnerThe Angels of Laguna

          On the Saturday After the Rapture

Gail GiewontA Life in Jigsaw

Nicholas MessengerThe Arrow

Edythe Haendel SchwartzClosed Out by Scale

Cyril WongAftermath

Carol BardoffFat Clock

Nina CorwinRight Tool, Right Time

Jeffrey LittleDogon A.D. & The Hard Blues

          Witches & Devils

Doug RamspeckSumac Prophecy

          Ghost Memory

Matt DennisonWitness

Ken Markee,  Hauling

Amber-Lorien GilbertThe Lake

          When Barbara Kingsolver and I broke the law

F. Daniel RzicznekThicket


Richard SpilmanPrimum Mobile

Frederick ZydekLiving on Fire

David T. ManningAn Outdoor Wedding

Vicki ReitenauerMessage to Her Other Man

           Figure and Ground

Claudia BurbankThe Executioner’s Confession

Alan BrittNovember 30, 2001

Lillian Baker KennedyDear John

W. E. ButtsThe Calling

Curtis HoneycuttWord Voodoo

Laura HirneisenThe Bluebird on Self-Loathing

Philip MemmerVertigo

Robert Arroyo, Jr.,  Lucifer Speaks of Self-Realization

David ShumateLucifer

           The Bedouins of Paris

Lana Hechtman AyersTo the Art Teacher

Kim WallerImagine an Art

           When Did It Happen

Cleo GriffithAnother Inspiration from a Swan

Una Nichols HynumOn the Playing Field

Susan H. CaseSanjûrô, as Played by Toshirô Mifune, Occupies
the Body of a Yard Guy

Adam PennaMonks and Migrant Workers

           The God I Like Must Be False Because I Like Him

David MeischenSunday Afternoon with Seurat

             The Shapes of Hats

Joanne LoweryAccessory

Nancy WhiteTravel

Christian WardSmoke and Silence

Rob CookMarket Research Interviewer

Rebecca FoustAfter the Hurricane

Ruth E. FoleySummer Poem for a Sailor

Richard KeneficYou Are Here

Marvin GlasserA Guide for Living



What Else Can I Say? by László Neményi, translated from the Hungarian by Adam Makkai, reviewed by Paul Sohar

May the Generations Die in the Right Order by Penelope Scambly Schott, reviewed by Jennifer MacPherson

The Floating Bridge by David Shumate, reviewed by Caron Andregg

Bangalore Blue by Terry Kennedy, reviewed by Simon Perchik

Vermilion by Alan Britt, reviewed by Robert Wynne