Figure and Ground

By Vicki Reitenauer My lovely you, the figure and her ground: once a woman, now a moth tacked to the cardboard of a hospital bed by so many pins, or perhaps by the inverse of the pin’s linear integrity: by the deconstruction of pelvis, coccyx, breast- bone, those anchors in the body’s deep red sea. … Continue reading Figure and Ground

CPR Volume 9

Table of Contents Marilyn McCabe,  About the Type Lynn Pedersen,  How to Move Away Sarah Sloat,  April 4 Sarah Luczaj,  what more can i ask for Erin Elizabeth Smith,  February Michelle Bitting,  Sweet Pea: Knee-Hi Mix Penelope Scambly Schott,  Landscape with Grandson Wendy Taylor Carlisle,  Saints Dianne Stepp,  Mental Status Exam Judith Pacht,  Bird    Lyn … Continue reading CPR Volume 9