CPR Volume 23-4

CPR Volume 23-4

Octobr, 2021

T A B L E   of   C O N T E N T S


Eric DelpEric Delp,
When Neil DeGrasse Tyson Says There Is a 50/50 Chance We Are Living in a Computer Simulation What He Means Is That With Regard to the Existence of a Higher Power Science Can Only Shrug Its Shoulders  

Suzanne Allen July 2021Suzanne Allen ,
Postcard to Mike from Day 32

Sean Cho A.,
A Place to Go

Dianne Stepp,

Ricardo MoranRicardo Moran,
Time to Think

Kelly Terwilliger,

Grant Clauser,

Kimberly-Ann-PriestKimberly Ann Priest,
The Knowledge Of

Jennifer Stewart MillerJennifer Stewart Miller,

Nadia Arioli,
On “The Giants Dance” by Kay Sage

Rose Maria WoodsonRose Maria Woodson,

Joshua Michael Stewart,
Ripping a Charles Simic Poem Out of the New Yorker  

Ruth Bavetta,
Let Me Handle It

Kim Ports ParsonsKim Ports Parsons,
Love, Birds

John Sibley WilliamsJohn Sibley Williams,
Goodbye Horses  

Fay DillofFay Dillof,
Into and Away  

Ivana Mestrovic,
Dear Jane  

Soonest NathanielSoonest Nathaniel,
Nakedness of god

Alexandra van de KampAlexandra van de Kamp ,
Self-Portrait as the Ballet Dancer I Wanted to Be at Ten

John GlowneyJohn Glowney,
This wreckage, the harvest



Angela DribbenAngela Gregory-Dribben,
“Tonic: Truth and Li[n]es”:
Threed, This Road Not Damascus by Tamara J. Madison

John Bradley,
Review of Blue Swan Black Swan: The Trakl Diaries by Stephanie Dickinson