Eric Delp

When Neil DeGrasse Tyson Says There Is a 50/50 Chance We Are Living in a Computer Simulation What He Means Is That With Regard to the Existence of a Higher Power Science Can Only Shrug Its Shoulders
by Eric Delp

because of course it’s a system of course
the water runs downhill through the cartographic contours
step by step the rivers are the waters’ cumulative constant running
and the waters are two parts hydrogen and one part something else

and of course the cardinal in the cherry tree chirps in ones and zeroes
and eats the fruit and spits the seed and shits out all the young trees’ fertilizer
and the sparrows mate with sparrows and the crows with crows and so forth
of course the bees pollinate the cherry and the cherry blossoms’
nectar becomes honey in the hive and of course
the wriggling mass of workers all perform the queen’s unwavering will
and the queen’s will well that’s just hardwired somehow somewhere
deep in the endless drone of her heart’s blood’s buzzing

and the orchards are organized in columns and rows
and the fruits are organized in geometric clusters on the trees
and n.d.t. is saying who knows who knows exactly how
but of course it’s a system of course there’s a structure
of course who’s a logic governing but whose because
of course the city is gridded by avenues and streets
and the backyards are parceled by fences
and the cars exit the interstate on their wide circles and the drive-thru’s lines inch forward one

quarter of a pound at a time

before rejoining the highway via opposite but equal gaining speed and merging
and the time is measured in radians and expressed in degrees and divided into days
by the mechanical circling of the clock’s hands and the seasons’ circling also
the earth rotates like the gears of an ancient pocketwatch revolve like a pocketwatch swinging on

its pocketwatch chain

and the moon revolves epitrochoidal drawing the oceans to and fro
in sequence of course expressible by mathematic equation of course
there’s a sequence of course there’s a code
by which the sun feeds the cherry and the cherry breathes out two parts something
and all the animals with all their lungs all inhale their two parts
something the blood distributes to the limbs
on which the cherries grow

like the highways deliver the cars to their cities
like the doors permit the passengers to their cabs
like the mouths ingest the soda from their straws

all the shapes call upon one another for meaning
because of course it’s a system of course there’s a grammar of course
there must be vocabulary there must be a word

for the cherry tree and for the traffic pattern
and for the shape of the moon’s orbit around
the earth’s orbit around the sun’s orbit around the galaxy’s center and everything
under the sun has a name and a number and sequence and shape and of course
it’s a system of course the data are inventoried and animated
by being becoming by spirit by energy by something electric of course
the words are catalogued and catechized and cross-referenced
and arranged in syntax according to a grammar of course
they’re portioned out in line and verse and recorded in binary code

like the way the cauliflower fruits in fractals
like how the starlings murmurate in perfect waves
like when the shadows lengthen into crepescules
and then suddenly it’s night

and the cardinal abandons the cherry
and the cardinal’s sonata has ceased

and of course there’s a sense to the silence that settles

and of course there’s a term for the logic that governs
and of course there’s a word for the code that enacts
the logic of course it’s a system of course
it’s an algorithm of course it’s a code and of course
there’s a name for whatever has programmed the dawn’s translucent revealing
the only question is whether you’ll call it


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 23, Issue 4.

Eric DelpEric Delp is a writer from St. Petersburg, FL. His poems have appeared in Roanoke Review, Westchester Review, Soft Cartel, and elsewhere. He holds an MFA from the University of Mississippi, where he served as Poetry Editor for Yalobusha Review.

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