Suzanne Allen July 2021

Postcard to Mike from Day 32
by Suzanne Allen

I can still see your finger tracing circles at the tip of your thumb
and the shapes of your words slipping around your tongue ring. If
I could, I’d rotary dial you up just to feel the zip and too-slow
recoil. I love a sturdy old phone that actually rings, and
pineapples. I want to talk with you about pineapple rings. The
phone should have a very long cord, its tangled spiral springing
around the apartment, sometimes breaking things. I want to talk
to you about the circles of things, about that one spring I spun in
circles until I sprained both my wrists. I want to talk with you
about monkey bars and about vinyl, especially punk LPs spinning,
the funny-sad peace in these Mad-World days, about cassette
tapes of now classic rock spooling and unspooling, and the once
slow pull towards summer, the lost art of fast forwarding,
rewinding, finding beginnings again and again.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 23, Issue 4.

Suzanne Allen July 2021Suzanne Allen is an awarded poet with poems in print and online journals and anthologies such as Crack the Spine, Pearl, Tears in the Fence, Writing in a Woman’s Voice, Not a Muse, Strangers in Paris, Everyman’s Villanelles, and most recently, The Bridge and San Pedro River Review. She holds an MFA from CSU, Long Beach, and currently teaches college-level writing and literature. She has published two chapbooks: verisimilitude (corrupt press) and Little Threats (Picture Show Press,) and “Postcard to Mike from Day 32” is included in her forthcoming full-length collection, We Wash Our Hands.

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