CPR Volume 12

Table of Contents

Tim Suermondt, When I Get There, If I Get There    (Pushcart Prize Nominee)    9

John Hart, To St. Francis in the Garden     10

Clark Holtzman, The Bird Bath     12

Meri Culp, Side Porch Conjure     13

Diane G. Scholl, Earth, Air, Fire, Water     14

Hedy Habra, Sounds in the Attic     15

Doug Ramspeck, Black Tar River     (Pushcart Prize Nominee)    16

Scott Gallaway, Calendar: Art and Science     17

Joseph Zaccardi, Isolate     18

Matthew J. Spireng, White Night Sky     19

Sharon Olson, Heavenly Bodies Along the Rail    (Pushcart Prize Nominee)    20

Joseph Gross, January Song     22

          Please Burn This Tonight     23

Maya Sarishvili, translated by Timothy Kercher and

Nene Giorgadze,   [This winter, how will things work out for me?]      24

Roger Desy, the fate of saplings     25

Marilyn McCabe, Ashes Ashes     26

          Summer Solstice     27

Laura Madeline Wiseman, Cleaning House     28

Jennifer Beebe, Now, In the Almost After     29

Rachael Lyon, When I Die     30

Jessica Bane Robert, And What of the Dead?     32

Gregory Lawless, The Griefs     33

Claire Wahmanholm, Dover in November     34

Charles Wyatt, Mirknight     (Pushcart Prize Nominee)    36

Anthony Seidman, A Sleepless Man Sits Up In Bed     37

Suzanne Allen, Postcard to Grace from a Fifth Floor Morning             38

Christopher Munde, Memory     39

James Cox, Driving to Grandma’s     42

Heather Angier, Salt     44

          Pea     45

Robert Spiegel, Wookie     46

Becky Kennedy, Dreaming of You     47

Carol V. Davis, Each Time the Doors Open     48

Mary Elizabeth Parker, Farewell, Norbert Rillieux, I Was Bound to Leave You     49

John Davis, Final Seconds: Saturday Night Basketball     52

Michael Poage, Core Work     53

Amy Piller, Music Man     54

Michael Bazzett, Boy     56

Thomas Patterson, Among the Living     57

Diana Festa, Fog     58

          San Paolo Fuori Mura     59

Michael Lauchlan, Predawn     60

Dwayne Thorpe, Getting Up Early     61

Geri Rosenzweig, The White Birch     62

          Petition     63

David McAleavey, Not yet the ending, with a line from Oppen    64

Sandra Kohler, Unknowing     66

John M. Anderson, Towhee Brood     67

Wendy Drexler, American Detritus    (Pushcart Prize Nominee)    68

Marc Harshman, Leavened By Coincidence     70

Keith Wilson, I Know the Sea     71

Lisken Van Pelt Dus, The Uses of Appetite    (Pushcart Prize Nominee)    72

Bridget Gage-Dixon, If only     73

          Her Own Life     74

John Grey, Fridge Magnets     75

Richard Holinger, Abandoned, Gone     76

Frank Matagrano, Take One Tablet by Mouth As Needed     77

Judith H. Montgomery, The Coat     78

Kari LeeAnn Moss, Cliché      79

Lawrence Wray, As Far as That     80

Lee Passarella, Cloudscape with Heron     82

Susan Azar Porterfield, Elegy/Aubade     83

Damien Shuck, One Summer     84

Christopher Goodrich, Pickers     86

Pamela Ahlen, Red Kazoo     87

Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Works with Red     88

Devon Miller-Duggan, Steichen’s Pepper     90

H. K.  Rainey, Old Woman, Weaving     91

Kristin LaTour, Where I’m Calling From     92

Jeanine Stevens, A Ritual—to begin     94



Gray Jacobik, Little Boy Blue, reviewed by Ruth Foley     95

Becky Sakellariou, Earth Listening, reviewed by Adrianne Kalfopoulou     96

Julie R. Enszer, Handmade Love, reviewed by Moira Richards    98

Ed. Alexander Neubauer, Poetry in Person, reviewed by Ruth Foley     100