Matthew J. Spireng

Matthew J. Spireng’s book, Out of Body (Bluestream Press, 2006), won the 2004 Bluestem Poetry Award. His chapbooks are Young Farmer, Encounters, Just This, and Inspiration Point. His book What Focus Is is due out in 2011 from Word Press.

CPR Volume 10

Table of Contents Matthew J Spireng, Hoop Snake           Doug Ramspeck, Foursquare      Paula Friedman, Captured Mole             Joddy Murray, Beluga Whales, Atlanta  Brenda Yates, An Invitation to the Idea of Wallace          Paul Willis, After the Lesson, Mary Jane Looks     Elizabeth Barbato, Mary Shelly     Robert Arroyo, Jr., Lucifer Speaks of Man Made Things  Irene McKinney, Offerings         Jill Kupchik, … Continue reading CPR Volume 10