Dwayne Thorpe

Dwayne Thorpe, one of the founding editors of Tri-Quarterly, publishes regularly in current journals — most recently in Prairie Schooner, Atlanta Review, and Blue Unicorn. His first collection, Finding Pigeon Creek, was published by the Monongahela Press.

CPR Volume 13

Table of Contents RenĂ©e Emerson, Witness Katie Kingston, My Hand through the Keyhole Cory McClellan, Natural Selection Alan Gann, Four Pages Mother Saved From My Jesus Loves Me Coloring Book Danielle Jones-Pruett, I daydream about leaving you Juditha Dowd, Bureau Life Alison Stone, Ex-boyfriend in Dresser Anne Babson, Euridice Writes a Postcard from the Underworld … Continue reading CPR Volume 13