CPR Volume 21-3, October 2019

CPR Volume 21-3

October, 2019

T A B L E of C O N T E N T S


Marjorie Saiser,
Advice to Self, Again

M HlavkaM. Hlavka,
The Island I Believed I Would Not Return to, and Wished to Find Again

Shannon CastletonShannon Castleton,
He Asks Why I Can’t Get My Mind around Happiness

Emma DePaniseEmma DePanise,
Bittersweet Clam, Lightning Whelk

Ian HallIan T. Hall,
A Day Laborer Dreams Away His Drive Home

William RudolphWilliam Rudolph,
Seven-Ten Split at the Cardinal Lanes

Dameion Wagner,

Sally Bliumis-DunnSally Bliumis-Dunn,

Christian WoodardChristian Woodard,
Jewel Weed

Trent BuschTrent Busch,

Larry ThackerLarry D. Thacker,
Where I went, if it’s any of your concern,

Donald LeveringDonald Levering,
Book of Lost Connections

Robert FillmanRobert Fillman,

Robert HahnRobert Hahn,
Opiate Crisis at the Castle

Denton LovingDenton Loving,

Aiden Heung,
5. Darkest Hour

Zara RaabZara Raab,

Catherine KeefeCatherine Keefe,
One Small Thing

Kathleen HellenKathleen Hellen,
memento mori

placesaverPaul Dickey,
Bone and Wing



Bernadette McBrideBernadette McBride,
Review of Aileron by Geraldine Connolly

A N DeJesusA. N. DeJesus,
Flatlands by Ruth Williams

Susan Shaw Sailer,
Roberta Feins’s A Morsel of Bread, a Knife