CPR Volume 16 Issue 1

CPR Volume 16-1

January, 2014

Table of Contents

Lynn Pedersen, Begin

Bernadette McBride, Apple

Sharon Olson, Caryatids

Amy Newday, The Volcano Considers Helen, Watching Television in Michigan

Sarah Sousa, Grave of a 12-Year-Old Pequot Girl

V. P. Loggins, The Wall

Ryan Vine, To the Girl Stranded by the Side Doors of Denfeld High School at 9:52 on a Monday Night Forgotten by Her Mother but Found and Accompanied by the Blue-Overalled Janitor

Abdourahman Waberi, Translated by Nancy Naomi Carlson, A Sky Chart

Carol Berg, Warrior Woman Takes Her Muse to the Boston Harbor Islands

Emily Green, She Sang on the Moon

Mark Wagenaar, Aubade with French Horn

Sharon Chmielarz, Overnight Rain

Autumn Newman, Cleave

Amy Meckler, The Virgin Asks What Sex is Like

Chelsea Wagenaar, Magic 8-Ball

Heather Sommer, Farmer’s Almanac

Donna Prinzemetal, The Origin of Sorrow

Donna Vorreyer, Fragments of his Last Letter

Janice Greenwood, Predromal

Michelle Matthees, Losing

Katharine Rauk, Variations

David Eye, As New York Snow



Barbara Crooker, Review of Ancilla by Erin Murphy


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