CPR Volume 18-3

July, 2016

T A B L E of C O N T E N T S


Samantha FutheySamantha Futhey,
Iowa, a Photosynthetic Star

Jennifer BullisJennifer Bullis,
Organize Your Home Using This Weird Old Trick

placesaver2Nancy Meneey,

Gabrielle FreemanGabrielle Freeman,
Your Mask is a Gift

Chera HammonsChera Hammons,
Emergency Supplies

Gabrielle CampagnanoGabrielle Campagnano,
with Caution, Enter Risk

Jed MyersJed Myers,
Night on the Way Back from the Metolius River

placesaver2Heddy Reid,
Pop Quiz

Jennifer MacBain-StephensJennifer MacBain-Stephens,
Styling the Bearded Lady

Laura DavenportLaura Davenport,

Mary StoneMary Stone,
A Man Tells You What is Good

Lauren CampLauren Camp,
Note to a Man in Wales with Remorse

Amy FantAmy Fant,
On Reading Genesis

Geoff AndersonGeoff Anderson,
What elephants remember

Jose Angel AraguzJose Araguz,
Corpus Christi

jen steinJen Stein,
Cassie makes a crown

Jenny Minniti-ShippeyJennifer Minniti-Shippey,
Alexander Pelham, 1992 – 2014

Grant ClauserGrant Clauser,
Ode to Hellgrammites

gemma_bganske_web6Gemma Cooper-Novack,

placesaver2Cathy McArthur,
Fishbone Diagram


Marie ConlanMarie Conlan,
Review of Daniel Borzutzky’s In The Murmurs of the Rotten Carcass Economy

Donna VorreyerDonna Vorreyer,
Review of The Cardiologist’s Daughter, by Natasha Kochicheril Moni