CPR Volume 14-1

July, 2012

Table of Contents


Aran Donovan, The Lonely Architect Walks His House at Night

Mercedes Lawry, The Wry Scientist

Daye Phillippo, Algebra is_______

Janet Barry, ruse

Athena Kildegaard, Asylum

Luke Whisnant, September 29

Tim Suermondt, A Doughnut and the Great Beauty of the World

James Cox, Flowered Shirt

Wendy Drexler, Janis Joplin at Monterrey

Jin Cordaro, All Your Lives, Your Sister and You Wore Long Braids

Ronda Broatch, Letter to a Lost Sister

Julia Esacove, White Sheets

Stan Sanvel Rubin, Vulture

Cory McClellan, How to Fly

René Char, translated by Nancy Naomi Carlson, Dim Light in the Creuse

Wendy Taylor Carlisle, The Way They Wrap Things in France

Sharon Olson, Placement

Jennifer Finstrom, Instructions for Entering Rembrandt’s ‘Landscape with trees, farm buildings and a tower’

Sandra Stone, The Paradox of Ardor and Blue

Laura Martin, Shopping Carts

Doug Ramspeck, After

Sara Dailey, Mendel Considers the Moon

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