The Floating Bridge by David Shumate

In The Floating Bridge, David Shumate vanquishes once and for all the notion that the prose poem is somehow inherently ‘not a real poem.’ This collection exhibits a sustained level of innate lyricism and imagism rarely seen even in conventional lyric free verse. They are densely concentrated distillations of minute moments in time, space, and psychology, volatile, possibly even explosive. Unfailingly, the little prose jewels in The Floating Bridge exhibit the most fundamental property of fine poetry: each whole is many times greater than the sum of its parts.

The Bedouins of Paris

By David Shumate The city of Paris appeared to a band of Bedouins somewhere out in the Sahara. They were searching for a place to pitch their tents for the night when one of them noticed buildings on the horizon. They continued traveling and soon found themselves on a side street in Montparnasse. But they … Continue reading The Bedouins of Paris