CPR, Volume 11

Table of Contents W. E. Butts, Everywhere is Everywhere   Colleen McKee, Blue Like an Orange       Marc Harshman, Whitman and Wright Visit the Wheeling Middle School          David Waite, Schoolground         Brandon Bourgeois, a girl             Sean Prentiss, No (or Careful or Slow)    John Meyer, Under the Open Sky            JC Reilly, Ex Somnium     Oceana Callum, Poison Oak         Rachael Z. … Continue reading CPR, Volume 11

Review of The Road to Emmaus by Spencer Reece

Reviewed by David Seter In a world where social media posts and tweets come fast and furious, a span of ten years between conversations seems almost incomprehensible. That’s how long readers have waited for Spencer Reece’s new collection of poems The Road to Emmaus. The text arrives almost unexpectedly, like a message in a bottle, … Continue reading Review of The Road to Emmaus by Spencer Reece