CPR Volume 14-2

October, 2012

Table of Contents


Anne Champion, Snapdragons

Brenda Yates, Pond, Water Lilies & Meadow

Kristin Mason, Dissecting Owl Pellets in Fifth Grade

Janice Greenwood, Sublimation

Ezra Dan Feldman, I Am That

Michelle Matthees, Scraps

Sandra Kohler, Daemon

James Cihlar, Time Bomb

Jean Hollander, On the Bus to New York

Kim Roberts, A Deployed Umbrella on a Rainless Day Is a Grave Public Offense

Rachael Lyon, Waiting

Margaret Young, Poem for Pittsburgh and Assissi

Brian Simoneau, Working the Garden

Adam Penna, The Dark of Sheds

Grant Clauser, The Water Girl

Vanessa Haley, Old Business

Meg Harris, Outsider

Grete Tartler, The Goddess, translated by Adam Sorkin

Carol V. Davis, Cyclamen