Maren Mitchell

by Maren O. Mitchell

Spring again, and without discrimination,
pollen lands on leaf, earth, house, truck

and road, and I am off kilter with glory
as it crowns my head, gilds my eyelashes

and nostrils, lights up lungs, glitters on into
my bloodstream to rejuvenate me. These vital

spaceships, not knowing where they are going,
just go until they have to stop, carried on

change of temperature, the backs of ants,
of bear, the wet of rain and rivers, and picked

up by the pads of our cats and brought inside
to fertilize our fields of carpet, with enough

virility for several more planets, are so potent
that, given the right moment in our lives, our

bodies will branch out into acacias and ginseng,
cherries and daisies, oaks and almonds,

enabling us to build shelters, feed and doctor
ourselves and become as magnanimous as pollen.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 23, Issue 3.

Maren MitchellMaren O. Mitchell’s poems appear in The Antigonish Review, Tar River Poetry, The Lake, POEM, The MacGuffin, Poetry East, Still: The Journal, The Cortland Review, Hotel Amerika, Appalachian Heritage, The Pedestal Magazine, The South Carolina Review, Southern Humanities Review and elsewhere. Work is forthcoming in Comstock Review, Slant, Poetry East, Chiron Review and The Strategic Poet of Terrapin Books. Two poems were nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Her nonfiction is Beat Chronic Pain, An Insider’s Guide (Line of Sight Press). She relaxes with origami, and lives with her husband in the mountains of Georgia.

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