August is Here: CPR Volume 23, Issue 3 is Now Online.

We pay homage to summer with Volume 23, Issue 3, which contains poems about passion, bluegills, Neruda, and stingrays—chance encounters with people, poems, and species, as well as meditations on time spent with loved ones.

So dive in. Read (and listen to) two poems by Hasan Alizadeh translated from the Persian by Rebecca Ruth Gould and Kayvan Tahmasebian. Stay tuned for more author recordings to be added throughout the month. Read additional poems by Jessica Freeman, Nina C. Pelaez, Jenny Hykes Jiang, Susan Gubernat, Laura-Gray Street, Maren O. Mitchell, Reese Conner, M.L. Brown, Joseph Fasano, Xiaoly Li, Rich Ives, Lee Colin Thomas, Susan Charkes, Eric Paul Shaffer, Sarah Sullivan, Wendy Drexler, and Dan Fliegel. Also featuring reviews by Angela Gregory-Dribben and Susana H. Case.

While you’re there, we hope you’ll peruse all of Vol. 23, including the June and April issues. You can access all of our back issues using the links to the right of any issue’s TOC page.

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