Garrett Stack

When the bedroom fell
by Garrett Stack

When the bedroom fell
it toppled off the house
toward the side yard trees.
A long time coming,
it wanted for rooting
and was meanly fed
by marriage’s most reluctant
conversations, weakened
during the long soak
after the miscarriage,
stiffened in exhaustion.
It kept all the pills
but no glowing reputation
for comfort, the soft
sheets packed away, shut
windows like hunger strikes
and so tonight it let go
of the foundation spilling silver
framed wedding photos, dried
nail polish, stacks of half
read novels and oxford
shirts with flapping tags out
onto the grey lawn while the rest
of the house stayed
standing: kitchen island,
basement bar, garage’s traps
and useful tools. If a room
falls in a neighborhood
it doesn’t make a sound
but folks will still swing by
for the yard sale


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 22, Issue 4.

Garrett StackGarrett Stack is a teacher, writer, and communication researcher at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan. He lives 38 miles east of Lake Michigan in Rockford with his wife and twin boys. His most recent publication is Yeoman’s Work, a poetry collection available from Bottom Dog Press.

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