Jessica Rigney

by Jessica Rigney

Do not put your hand inside me
today, for today I bleed and have legs
which do not carry me all the way to you.

Instead place your hand of stone
upon my belly and make of me a song
for my own sorrow in this hibernal

cycle of the last station, its round
and insubstantial dwindle. Make
of me a woman untroubled by

infernal soughs of branches clenched
firm between thick rime and fading
light. Do not string me between your arms

today, for this day I am split
and vital fluids seep from multifaceted rents
in the weave of my lively body. Among

your careful limbs instead let me fall.
Let me continue this pitch into a perfect
circle of your careful breaths. Make

of me a weight for my own worry, a dense
sound composition authored by your forehead—
your forehead upon my bruise in bloom.

Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 20, Issue 4.

Jessica RigneyJessica Rigney is a poet, artist, and filmmaker. Her works have appeared in various journals and can be found as letterpress broadsides with Wolverine Farm Publishing. She was a quarter-finalist for the Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry in 2016 and 2018. Find her performing her poetry with local bands along the Colorado front range where she makes her home. She is poetjess on Instagram.

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