Eileen Moeller

Sappho Collaborations:
But I To You
by Eileen Moeller


In the dream you asked me for love,
but I, to you, of a white goat sang instead

How she climbed the rocks
and couldn’t get down,
how her bleating called the wolf out,
gave him a hunger,
her scent sliding lightly
toward him on the air

Tell me this doesn’t scare you,
as you put the ripest fruit
in these two glasses,
and I will pour wine over it,
pour it for reverie,
and forgetting
about what lurks
in the shadows

Give me a moment
Then ask me one more time


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 20, Issue 4.

Eileen MoellerEileen Moeller lives in Philadelphia. She has an M.A. in Creative Writing from Syracuse University. Her book Firefly, Brightly Burningwas published in 2015 by Grayson Books. A chapbook titled, The Girls In Their Iron Shoeswas published in 2016 by Finishing Line Press.

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