Clare Louise Harmon

Sunny Ithaca
by Clare Louise Harmon

Brave Odysseus far from home as seas
of sand were turned to glass turned to glass the
superheated sand: July 16, 1945. Brave Odysseus
far from home, flung far from Sunny Ithaca.
Far flung from home at craggy Ogygia
Brave Odysseus pacified, slept in nymphal
limbs far from home from Sunny Sunny
Ithaca. Odysseus was far from sand superheated
revealed by Dawn her rosered fingers now curdled
now curdled as seas of sand superheated turned
to glass. Shone in curdled dawn at dawn shone
isotopes in bodies irrevocable now unrecognizable.
To flung Odysseus brave and far, Shining Brightly
Athena speaks you will not know it when you return.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 19, Issue 2.

Clare Louise HarmonClare Louise Harmon is the author of The Thingbody (Instar Books, 2015) and the chapbook If Wishes Were Horses the Poor Would Ride (Finishing Line Press, 2016). Her work has appeared in Bone Bouquet, Tammy, The Nottingham Review, The Stockholm Review of Literature, The Feminist Wire, PANK, Sixth Finch, and numerous others. In 2016, her thesis Fear of Inclement Weather was selected as the winner of the Joseph & Maxine Cassin Award for best poetry thesis at the University of New Orleans.

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