Sunny Ithaca
by Clare Louise Harmon

Brave Odysseus far from home as seas of sand were turned to glass turned to glass the superheated sand: July 16, 1945. Brave Odysseus far from home, flung far from Sunny Ithaca. Far flung from home at craggy Ogygia Brave Odysseus pacified, slept in nymphal limbs far from home from Sunny Sunny Ithaca. Odysseus was … Continue reading Sunny Ithaca
by Clare Louise Harmon

Clare Louise Harmon

Clare Louise Harmon is the author of The Thingbody (Instar Books, 2015) and the chapbook If Wishes Were Horses the Poor Would Ride (Finishing Line Press, 2016). Her work has appeared in Bone Bouquet, Tammy, The Nottingham Review, The Stockholm Review of Literature, The Feminist Wire, PANK, Sixth Finch, and numerous others. In 2016, her … Continue reading Clare Louise Harmon

CPR Volume 19-2

July, 2017 T A B L E of C O N T E N T S POEMS Jeanne Obbard, Nurse Log Lana Spendl, On the Balcony Gerry LaFemina, Conjecture Shuly Cawood, Aguascalientes, 1919 Clare Louise Harmon, Sunny Ithaca John Sibley Williams, Spectacle Susan Okie, On Lake Victoria Robert Fillman, Lion Dream Emily Jaeger, The Body … Continue reading CPR Volume 19-2