Jackson Holbert

Why We’re Drunk and Shooting at a River
by Jackson Holbert

white ice white sky white hills and Jake
slurring on about all the bullets
that have entered our lives


the whole county’s socked in

the old floods
thought they ought to come back
every couple weeks as mist

visibility is down to a quarter mile
so even though we’re parked
up the road we can pretend
the world is the square mile of it we can see


get the bullet at the right angle
you hear it tumble through the ice and skip up
underneath to knock on it some more
–it sounds like television static

the fact is it’s beautiful

Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 18, Issue 4.

Jackson HolbertJackson Holbert’s work has appeared in Thrush, Minnesota Review, BOAAT, and Radar Poetry, among others. He is currently an undergraduate at Brandeis University.

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