Thu Anh Nguyen

Thu Anh Nguyen is a poet whose poetry has been featured in NPR’s “Social Distance” poem for the community, The Crab Orchard Review, The Salt River Review, 3Elements, Connections, and RapGenius. The author’s poems were also named as a semi-finalist for the Auburn Witness Poetry Prize for the Southern Humanities Review. She was honored with a writing residency with The Inner Loop … Continue reading Thu Anh Nguyen

Jungfrau, With Wild Cows
by Derek JG Williams

The jumpers wake us after landing, laughing & packing their parachutes into tight bundles in the sloping field outside our window. So we turn into light & rise. From miles above, they fall all day from the mountain, hurling themselves through clouds. The inky eyes of the wild cows watch them plummet, then drift back … Continue reading Jungfrau, With Wild Cows
by Derek JG Williams

CPR Volume 22-2

July, 2020 T A B L E of C O N T E N T S POEMS Derek JG Williams, Jungfrau, With Wild Cows Michael Atkinson, Evolution Robert Beveridge, The Eels Have It Simone Regina Adams, Looking at a Child’s Drawing from Theresienstadt Cheryl Ann Passanisi, Trieste Kevin King, Obit: Licia Albanese, 105 Nick Conrad, … Continue reading CPR Volume 22-2