by Roger Desy

— assuming fitness — to prepare an expedition to be in the open

mid-spring surrounded by stone and snow and wind — provision

basics item by item the best gear possible — protection against cold
and sun — insulation — fabric lightweight rip- and weather-proof


— driest synthetics — polarized no-glare — perfect boots and tools

— exotic cutting-edge the best rope costly is priceless when needed


— fuel — food — and oxygen — the last and only necessity not
needed is water — it will always be everywhere locked in itself

working only a flame to stir and use — the end is in the plan

— arrange the details in advance allowing last minute changes —


to acclimate — and only then attempt ascent into the treacheries

of night and sun and ice and white-out squalls — till blinded by
pure luck flag the summit at the peak and breathless edge of nothing

— to know the mountain selfless at the precipice of its humility

for Bob Hoffman – Climber, Environmentalist, Survivor, Friend – January 2014

Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 17, Issue 1.

Roger DesyRoger Desy says “I tend to write sonnets, giving an old form new room, a new voice, perhaps a new freedom. I taught literature and creative writing and edited technical manuals. My plan was to write, and I’ve remained grounded in the lyric poem. Early mornings it’s only the poem. I write often but save little, so I try to write and rewrite with care.” His poems have appeared in Blue Unicorn, Kenyon Review, Mid-American Review, Poet Lore, and Spoon River Poetry Review.

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