The Crossing, by Joseph Fasano

The Crossing, new Poems by Joseph Fasano, coming November, 2018

The editors of Cider Press Review are pleased to announce that CPR will publish Joseph Fasano’s latest collection of poetry, The Crossing.   Joseph Fasano is the  author of Fugue for Other Hands (winner of the 2011 Cider Press Review book award), Inheritance, and Vincent.

Advance praise for The Crossing:

Joseph Fasano’s much anticipated fourth book, The Crossing, is his most intimate yet.  By turns lamentation and consolation, it confronts grief and gain, always trying, as the Polish poet Adam Zagajewski wrote, “to praise the mutilated world.”  “Immensity / will only dare to come to you,” one poem tells us, “when surrender is ready in your hands.” Here are poems that know that to have a self is to be both a witness to history and responsible for it.  “History / is only the body trying to become / a story that will outlast it,” Fasano writes, and yet these poems also seek the dignity of the individual, a meaningful communion with others in what’s common: “As long as love / runs,” we read, “it is earthsong; it is wild / to be ridden in its irons / to another world.  Another world.  This one.”

The Crossing will be released in November 2018. Available for pre-order now in the CPR Bookstore.

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