Susan Laughter Meyers Q & A, Charleston Post and Courier

In advance of the release of My Dear Dear Stagger Grass, the Charleston Post and Courier ran a feature interview with author Susan Laughter Meyers. the Q & A by Adam Parker ran as the Feature in the People section of Charleston Post and Courier on Saturday, July 27.

Susan Laughter Meyers
Susan Laughter Meyers
Photo by Paul Zoeller/Charleston Post & Courier


Q: Why do you write poetry?

A: I feel most like myself when I’m in the habit of writing. My life is richer for it. I agree with those who say that poets write to make meaning of life, as well as those who say we write because we love language. Writing poems is simply a part of me.

Q: Tell me about your artistic journey. Have you always been a poet, or did you come to this work later in life? And what have you discovered along the way?

A: I’ve written poems since childhood, but it took me a long time to decide to study poetry seriously. I began to attend workshops and conferences to glean what I could, and I finally enrolled in the MFA program at Queens University of Charlotte, because I felt that I had taken my poetry as far as I could on my own.

Along the way I discovered that anybody can be a poet, and any reason to write poetry is admirable.

But if your purpose is to put your work out there for others to read or hear, you owe it to yourself to learn as much as you can about the craft of poetry and what sorts of poems have come historically before the contemporary scene.

I also learned, of course, that it takes more than craft to write the best poems. It takes, too, a willingness to let the poem make its wild leaps and unfold in its own way.

My Dear Dear Stagger Grass, winner of the 2012 Editors Prize from Cider Press Review, will be released August 15th, 2013.  Pre-order your copies from the CPR bookstore today.

Read the complete Charleston Post and Courier interview here.

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