Ruth Foley

Ruth Foley Steps Down as Managing Editor

It is with great sadness that I must announce Ruth Foley will be stepping down as the long-time Managing Editor of Cider Press Review.

Ruth joined CPR a decade ago in 2009 as an Associate Editor. She and I quickly bonded, discovering we had similar (though not identical) ideas about what made good writing, and a shared drive to grow the journal beyond a once-yearly hard-copy magazine.

While I brought technical skills for typeset, layout, and design, Ruth brought her abundant good humor and judgment, her sociability, and joyfulness. As managing editor, she worked closely with every single author, guiding them through the production processes large and small, smoothing over every little wrinkle, and making each of them love her. And making me love her.

While I might have been the engine and drive of Cider Press Review, Ruth has been it’s thriving, beating heart.

She has had to step away indefinitely to attend to pressing matters in her personal and professional life. Thankfully, she has agreed not to resign, but rather to accept a non-active position at Editor Emeritus for the indefinite future. In the meantime, Assistant Poetry Editor Catherine Carter has agreed to serve as Acting Managing Editor. Amy Strauss Friedman will continue as Assistant Editor.

Caron Andregg

Publisher / Editor-in-Chief

Cider Press Review

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