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2012 Pushcart Prize Nominations

The Editors of Cider Press Review would like to congratulate our 2012 Pushcart Prize nominees:

Niamh Corcoran, “Plein Air: What the Scarecrow Thought” (Vol. 13)

Ryan Vine, “The Dogs of Duluth Bark Sometimes Until the Sun Lifts the Dark Sky’s Skirt,”  (Vol. 13)

Laura J. Martin, “Shopping Carts” (Vol. 14, Issue 1)

Janice Greenwood, “Sublimation,” by (Vol. 14, Issue 2)

Brian Simoneau, “Working the Garden,” (Vol. 14, Issue 2)

Adam Penna, “The Dark of Sheds” (Vol. 14, Issue 2)

Congratulations to our terrific writers. Read their nominated poems online in Cider Press Review.

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