Lord love a duck

Among Canards
by Martha Zweig

Lord love a duck! As well as why-not entertain
a she-mallard’s own scurrilous antics as ill-reputed
as mine, her beady-eyed & feather-
headed immodesties & her since-when nobody
listens not even another poultry. You could please
flip us a couple of yesteryears’ raggedy toast crusts.

I’ll preen my own rear wag,
showing myself off shabby in plain
oversight & scuffling such scrappy disinformations & tattles
as everywhere drop along behind cripple
winter now so mildly driven-off however
spittling & muttering yesterday.

This, that: my current trumpsed-up undeniably not
among the notions I held in mind high-&-mightily
once-upon-time, none amounting to much, but today,
addled yet, I keep keen & nimble enough
to tip up & dabble, muckster still of any pond’s black heart
beneath the superficial clouds swaggering upside-down like luck.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 23, Issue 2.

Martha ZweigMartha Zweig’s fourth full-length collection, Get Lost, winner of the Rousseau Prize for Literature, is out from DHP in Oregon. Her previous collections include: Monkey Lightning, Tupelo Press 2010; Vinegar Bone (1999) and What Kind (2003), both from Wesleyan University Press, and Powers, 1976, chapbook from the Vermont Arts Council. She has received a Whiting Award, Hopwood Awards and Pushcart nominations, and her work has appeared widely, recently in Poetry, The Yale Review and Denver Quarterly. Her essay “Gnarly” appears in the recent anthology Vermont Poets and Their Craft, eds. Tamra Higgins and Neil Shepard, Sundog Poetry/Green Writers Press.

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