Thorn on a Riff of Sweet
by Carmen Germain

In Altamira, Don De Sautuola
heard Look, Papa, oxen, and
Neolithic bison thundered
back into the world. What is given

astonishes me:
Himalayan blackberries hanging
a precipice of April,
in May, green as Chinese

porcelain. Cochineal crimson
in July, the indigo of August
bursting into sugar among bees.
If I stumbled among this cane-

heavy fruit, the ravine’s bramble
drop would plunge me into
the deep mouth of September
fermenting a terrifying wine

as silent as the cave in France
before torchlight, breath
of beasts held still,
waiting to be found.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 23, Issue 1.

Carmen Germain Carmen Germain is pleased to be a previous contributor to Cider Press Review.  A painter as well as a poet, she is the author of These Things I Will Take with Me (Cherry Grove), and The Old Refusals (MoonPath Press).  Her ink drawing Woman as Dance, too is forthcoming in Kansas City Voices, and her painting Rose Chaos will be published in a future issue of Oyster River.  She lives on the Olympic peninsula of Washington State.

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