by Anatoly Molotkov

star, can you
hold as I cross

the river and the sky

wraps me softly? Dew
or tears – no one
can tell. The body’s

secret: it is

the whole
of me after all. I’m
barely here. Morning

star, shine on

my absence. Short
death with its long
victory song.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 22, Issue 4.

Anatoly MalotkovA. Molotkov is an immigrant writer. His poetry collections are The Catalog of Broken Things, Application of Shadows and Synonyms for Silence, his collection of ten short stories, Interventions in Blood, is forthcoming as part of Hawaiʻi Review Issue 91. Molotkov’s work appears in Prairie Schooner, The Triquarterly Review, Kenyon Review Online and most other quality journals. His prose is represented by Laura Strachan at Strachan Lit; he co-edits The Inflectionist Review. Please visit him at

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