David Capps

Blue as Sweet
by David Capps


Understand blue as sweet, iridescence of a pearl whose cloister seasoned sweet; drink in the soft pedal of a newly painted house excited to be lived in for the first time, a child at the bus stop on the first day of school, the sweet smell of blue dish soap, hyssop after hyssop wrung out of our hands, ocean-blue distances of those Mercator projections that hung on the walls, sweet like dried paste smell, sea-weed scrubbing blue lumbuses sailed balancing robin eggs upright blue, what sweet underfeather the blue bell rang—true blue bell show pan prelude rain ran down the window’s elongation, sweet dinner bell my grandmother calls my grandfather to usher us indoors from the woodpile, homework undone, to have this day feel less unhappy than last.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 22, Issue 4.

David CappsDavid Capps is a philosophy professor at Western Connecticut State University. He is the author of three chapbooks: Poems from the First Voyage (The Nasiona Press, 2019), A Non-Grecian Non-Urn (Yavanika Press, 2019), and Colossi (Kelsay Books, forthcoming). He lives in New Haven, CT.

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