Lauren Henley

The Orchard Spider & The Grub
by Lauren Henley

Part I: The Orchard Spider

Every second a second of silk—
(I pour myself from myself

I AM the hand on the handle &

I AM also the handle

the headlong trajectory       the plash)

Weaving is easy this way
this way when you are the weaver
& the Thing being weaved
No needle no eye to thread no thread
just the umbilical-mouth breathing out silk
No matter if the orb gets torn
ransacked by Sun Bird or storm      I weave in my sleep
& sleep in the weave
weave heavy sleep into a fly

Come breakage      come labor

the labor is dulcet the labor is citrine

the labor is lapis the labor is me


Part II: The Orchard Spider & the Parasitic Grub

I came out of myself crooked today       some shadow some
needling thing threaded my eyes

a cause for hunger

Still I remember that first thread in the tusset grass
then ballooned up

Small thing       you are a heavy passenger

This is how I weave       you might as well see
since you are here now
always here now
soft heavy thing with a song in my brain

You are something I lost      dropped in my sleep
slipped from my web       now come back to rejoin?

I see you are not going & are growing
so I might as well love you       come

come closer still all the way       you who have not blown in
but have come from my rib      my head
come back into me      I have saved my strength for you


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 20, Issue 2.

Lauren HenleyLauren Henley won the 2017 Perugia Press Prize for Starshine Road, her second full-length collection. She received The Academy of American Poets University Award, The Duckabush Prize in Poetry, and two prizes from The Poet’s Billow. Starshine Road was a finalist or semi-finalist in several competitions.

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