Derek Mong

Lightning 2
by Derek Mong

Fact: I do

strike twice. Fact:

not one blade

of whirling

grass can side-

step my burst,


lightbulbs. I

plant my thoughts

where maps aren’t

yet drawn; I

ladder down

through trees, drunks,

and steeples.

Close your eyes.

I preserve

what you last

spied. Your world

is no more

than my af-

ter image.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 20, Issue 2.

Derek MongDerek Mong is the author of two poetry collections from Saturnalia Books—Other Romes (2011) and The Identity Thief (2018)—and a recent chapbook from Two Sylvias Press, The Ego and the Empiricist (2017). He and his wife, Anne O. Fisher, won the 2018 Cliff Becker Translation Prize for The Joyous Science: Selected Poems of Maxim Amelin, forthcoming from White Pine Press.

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